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Is Dulux a British brand? Is Dulux paint high quality? What other brand is Dulux? Is Dulux the same as Nippon Paint?

Is Dulux a British brand? Is Dulux paint high quality? What other brand is Dulux? Is Dulux the same as Nippon Paint? Click here for more info

The name Dulux is synonymous with paint in many countries across the world. Their clever advertising, an impressive array of colours and expert knowledge of paint have made them a huge success in Britain, India, South Africa and more. But not that many people know more about the brand than their colour-matching fans or paint swatches. 

Here we will take a look at Dulux, where they are based and just how high-quality their paint really is…

Is Dulux a British brand?

To begin with, Dulux is indeed a British brand. It proudly advertises itself as the UK’s leading paint brand, and makes it clear in many of its ads that it is a UK company. The company uses an OId English Sheepdog as its mascot, and has done so for more than 50 years. The breed has become so recognised for these ads and this relationship that they are also known colloquially as ‘Dulux dogs’.

The most famous of the dogs that Dulux used in its adverts over the years, Digby, actually went on to star in a movie in the 1970s, ‘Digby, the Biggest Dog in the World’. That just goes to show the kind of fame and attention that were placed on Dulux dogs, and how they were received in Britain.

Painters and decorators have been using Dulux paint in the UK for decades, even before it became available on the retail market in 1953. Dulux Australia, on the other hand, has been producing paint in the country and getting it out to homes and businesses for more than 100 years. Dulux was a favourite in Australia from its beginning in 1918, and that is just as true if not more so today.

Dulux is Australia’s favourite paint brand, and has also been voted the most trusted paint brand in Australia for the last nine years straight. One of the key factors that motivated this choice is Dulux’s high levels of quality and professionalism.

Is Dulux paint high quality?

Dulux got its name from its core concepts, bringing together the words durable and luxury. These are still the brand’s leading focus today, and Dulux paint is known for being extremely high-quality. One of the company’s first advertising slogans was ‘say Dulux to your decorator’, and people certainly did. 

So many painting and decorating companies all over the world use Dulux paint, including the best commercial painters like Platinum 3 Commercial Painting in Australia. The main reason for this is the unwavering standards and quality of Dulux paint. 

Dulux paints are made with the top raw ingredients which allow for a greater concentration of pigments. This then lets the paint spread further, so you get more value for your money as well as better quality. They have an advanced thickener package, so the paint gives a fantastic and peerless final look and feel.

The fact that Dulux paint is so easy to use and yet still gives such impressive results is another key factor in its popularity and success. When first produced, many people couldn’t believe that something of such high quality could also be so wonderfully easy to apply. There is little wonder why Dulux is the leading brand of paint both commercially and in homes all across the world.

Dulux offers an impressive variety of paints in different finishes, types and colours. It has superior opacity so that it has incredible coverage. It is also fast-drying so you can proceed faster with your painting and decorating. It is washable and easy to clean, durable, and even has an anti-bacterial element.

Between its long-lasting nature, stunning colours and fantastic value, there are so many reasons to choose Dulux paint for your home or business. The undisputed quality, luxury and durability of the paint are only a few of them.

What other brand is Dulux?

Dulux has been used as the brand name for two others, DuPont and Imperial Chemical Industries, ICI, since the 1930s. Over the years and in different countries it has been produced by other companies, but it really began with those two. Dulux paint was still produced in much of the world by ICI up until 2007, and it is now made by AkzoNobel in some places.

The American markets are supplied by PPG Industries, while Dulux Australia makes all its paint right here in Australia itself. Indeed, they opened a new plant in 2018 in Merrifield, Melbourne, which is now the largest paint factory in Australia providing top-quality paint all over the country.

DuluxGroup Australia also owns other household brands aside from Dulux, including Selleys, Yates, Cabot’s, B&D, British Paints, Berger, Poly and Hortico among others.

Is Dulux the same as Nippon Paint?

On August 21st, 2019, DuluxGroup was absorbed by Nippon Paint. Nippon Paint Holdings acquired 100% of DuluxGroup’s shares, making it the parent company for Dulux today. In terms of their paint, however, they remain separate and different.

Dulux paint is known for being a fantastic value, high quality and for having excellent coverage and colour varieties. Nippon paint, on the other hand, also has an impressive array of colours, and long-lasting paint, and can offer greater protection for your walls. It can also be a bit more expensive depending on the type of paint that you want to get.

Final thoughts

Dulux remains the most popular paint brand for so many people in so many different countries all around the world. From its origins in the UK and the adoption of Dulux dogs for advertising, painters, decorators and individuals have turned to Dulux for all their painting needs. It is not all about the gimmick, however. 

Dulux gained and retained its reputation as a leading paint brand because of the high quality of its products. It is known for having the most knowledgeable people working to produce the best paint that will leave a beautiful finish each and every time it is correctly applied. If you are considering repainting your home or commercial property, make sure to hire a company that uses Dulux products today.

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