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What is industrial protective coating? What needs it? How long does industrial protective coating paint last? How much does it cost?

What is industrial protective coating? What needs it? How long does industrial protective coating paint last? How much does it cost? Click here

While a new coat of paint can brighten any surface or structure, there are many more reasons to paint something than for purely aesthetic purposes. Industrial protective coatings are essential in so many areas and for a wide variety of types of equipment.

But just what is industrial protective coating, why do you need it and how much can you expect it to cost you overall? For those looking to learn more about industrial protective coatings, read on to find out all you need to know…

What is industrial protective coating?

Much as it sounds, industrial protective coating is a protective layer that is added to the surface of various pieces of equipment, structures and areas. They can be applied to wood, metal, plastic, concrete, glass and rubber, and are specialised to protect from erosion, wear, the weather and other kinds of damage.

There are a variety of different protective coatings available depending on your needs and preferences, and they can be made from a variety of substances. Some of these include epoxy, polymers and polyurethanes as well as metallic coatings like zinc, aluminium and chromium.

Protective coatings are applied for several reasons, and industrial painting has many benefits for your equipment or surfaces. Some of the top benefits are that it can:

  • Protect from the elements and industrial wear and tear – many environments that you may find yourself in can be tougher on equipment than others, and certain roles will have a greater risk of damage than others. A protective coating can spare your equipment from much of this damage.
  • Extend the lifespan of your equipment – along with protection comes an increased lifespan. Instead of wearing out in a harsher environment. Your equipment can last and last with the right coating to help it on its way.
  • Fit with safety regulations – eroded and damaged equipment can be hazardous. Certain surfaces in many places and countries require protective layers. You need to comply with fire safety codes through fire-resistant paints and so on. There are a great many safety regulations when it comes to an industrial setting, and the right protective coating can help you to get in line with these codes.
  • Help with aesthetics – painting does immediately make your equipment or surface look fresher, brighter and better. In an industrial setting, this can make your assets inspire more trust than shabbier looking equipment, giving the impression that you are ready to get the job done.
  • Save money – fundamentally, if you can protect your equipment from wear, damage, erosion and so on, you will save money. Industrial painting costs a small amount when compared to the cost of a whole machine, so it is the logical choice.

As you can see, while protective coating has many benefits, forms and can be specialised to suit each material and situation that you are in, it is fundamentally there to do the same job. Whether from liability or an expensive new purchase, industrial protective coating is there to protect your equipment and your business as and when you need it to.

What needs an industrial protective coating?

So, what actually needs an industrial protective coating? Well, that can depend on the industry you are in, where you are and more. They can be used on whole buildings, floors, machinery and equipment in many industries including oil and gas exploration, power generation, infrastructure, water treatment and more.

Some of the key examples of equipment that need an industrial protective coating include pipelines and any equipment that is kept outdoors or in areas where chemicals are in use, the weather may cause damage or they are exposed to a lot of UV rays.

How long does industrial protective coating paint last?

Your industrial protective coating paint will last a varying amount of time depending on several factors, including:

  • Exposure to UV rays
  • The kind of regular maintenance and washing you do
  • Environmental factors
  • The industry you are in
  • The kind of coating you have and more.

Different coatings will have shorter or longer lifespans, and the kind of environment they are subject to will play a large role. In general, you can expect your protective coating paint to last anywhere from 2-10+ years. If you want to know more about the kind of coating you should get and how long it will last, consult an industrial painting expert for a quote and advice today. 

What is industrial protective coating? What needs it? How long does industrial protective coating paint last? How much does it cost? Click here

How much does industrial protective coating cost?

The exact price you will pay for your industrial protective coating will vary based on the kind of coating you want, what equipment or surface you are applying it to, your needs and more. Certain materials will cost more than others, and certain pieces of equipment may need more expensive and specialised coating to keep them safe.

In general, protective coatings will be priced based on the materials they are made out of. Acrylics tend to cost the least, with polyurethanes in the middle and epoxies at the top end along with metallic coatings. You can expect to pay anything from AU$ 10-100 per litre, as well as more for the actual application. 

It is also important when looking at the cost of industrial paint and painting to keep in mind the cost of not doing it. Even the most expensive coating won’t cost more than a new piece of equipment. Or the potential fines and problems associated with failing to adhere to safety standards. Protective coating costs pale in significance when compared to the importance of safety, but also can save you money in the long run.

Final thoughts

Industrial protective coatings are absolutely critical in so many industries to ensure the safety and longevity of your surfaces and equipment. Whether you are looking to prevent erosion or damage from the climate and the weather, industrial painting can give you the extra coat you need to protect your machinery or building better and for longer.

If you are still unsure if you need an industrial protective coating for your equipment, contact a professional industrial painter for a quote, advice and all you need to know today.

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