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What is a shed called? What is the difference between a garage and a shed? Can I use a shed as a garage?

What Are Other Names For Sheds? | Shed Vs Garage: What’s The Difference? Can You Use A Shed As A Garage?


Making use of the valuable square footage on your property can yield many different advantages, especially when it comes to sheds and garages, but which of the two would better serve your needs? For example, is there much of a difference between a shed and a garage or can you use a shed to serve the same function? (e.g., storing cars/home workshop). In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at sheds, the different names they go by, the origin of the word, and everything else you need to know about sheds Vs. garages. Let’s get stuck in!


What is a shed called?

You may be surprised to learn that there are many different names for your typical shed. Depending on where you live and the type of use that you get from your shed, it can also be referred to as a shack, an outhouse, or an outbuilding (to name a few). 

The word shed itself is actually rather peculiar. It is believed that shed is a variant of the noun ‘shade’, as the earlier iterations of sheds were typically open at the front and sides, thus providing shade and shelter from the elements, rather than a completely closed outbuilding. This was largely because homeowners who would have sheds in the early days would typically have groundskeepers employed. The ‘shade’ / shed would be where they keep their tools and take respite from the afternoon sun while working away. 

Fast forward to today and sheds are most commonly fully enclosed with doors and windows. But, the modern shed comes in all shapes and sizes! 

What is the difference between a garage and a shed?

 What is the difference between a garage and a shed?

So, what is the difference between a garage and a shed? There are in fact, many differences between garages and sheds. While many people might use them for the same purpose, typically, they are designed and intended to serve different functions. 

One of the biggest differences between sheds and garages is the fact that garages have footed foundations. These are typically strong, concrete foundations and are well and truly established. Sheds on the other hand are commonly built on skids or wooden platforms (though not always). 

Other differences include: 

  • Size: garages are often larger than sheds. While you can certainly invest in and install large sheds that may be bigger than the average garage, typically, garages are larger. 
  • Doors: another key distinction between sheds and garages are the doors they have. Sheds tend to have regular doors as you’d have to enter your home. Garages on the other hand have large doors with an overhead sectional, a rollup, or some form of canopy door (making it easier for vehicles to roll in and out). Sheds can have double doors installed to make more room for vehicles and/or machinery, however, they’re typically used for smaller equipment and tools and thus tend to have a regular-sized door. 
  • Ground: most garages will be built with solid concrete foundations. They’re designed to withstand a lot of weight and put up with regular wear and tear, making them the more common option for homeowners who want a workshop or somewhere to tinker away. Sheds on the other hand will typically have a plywood floor of sorts. That said, they can be upgraded and treated to support much more weight, depending on your desired application. 
  • Location: garages are generally located to the front and side of a property (or attached to the house), whereas sheds are commonly found at the bottom of the garden. Of course, this isn’t set in stone, but it’s the more common arrangement as garages are more often used to store vehicles and sheds are more often used for garden tools. 
  • Use: again, garages are more commonly used to store vehicles and/or serve as workshops with additional storage for tools and other items that would be best left out of the house. Sheds on the other hand are typically used for garden tools and other items that tend not to see such frequent use. 
  • Cost: having a brand-new garage constructed and added to a property is typically far more expensive than having a shed designed and built for your home. This is largely because garages and more permanent, require deeper foundations, and often need some form of planning permission

Can I use a shed as a garage?

There’s a common misconception that you must have a garage and that a shed couldn’t possibly live up to it, and this couldn’t be farther from the truth. 

The fact is, all of the differences listed above are related to your ‘typical’ shed. However, in today’s market, there are many different companies that can design and build you a purpose-built shed that is tailored specifically to your needs and requirements. 

So, if you wanted to have a shed designed and built that could easily function as a garage and serve the same purpose, then that is absolutely within the realms of possibility. 

Perennial Sheds are a great example where you can draw some inspiration; from farm sheds, residential sheds, custom sheds, industrial & commercial sheds, barn sheds & stables, and even carports, you’ll discover that there is no limitation to what a modern shed can achieve when you choose the right company. 

If you need ample storage where you can store multiple vehicles off the road, a shed can be used as such. If you’d like to use a shed as a man cave, set up a sofa, a bar, and a pool table, you can do exactly that. Or if you’d like a shed to use as a home workshop where you can get crafty, build furniture, or tinker away on your favourite motorcycle, you can do exactly that! 

Final thoughts: Shed loads of uses!

Don’t get too caught up in needing to have a garage installed on your property when a custom shed can serve the same purpose for a far more realistic price. We hope you’ve found this article helpful and wish you the best of luck on your project.

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