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How Can You Make Your Wedding ‘Fun’?

Depending on your cultural roots and upbringing, a wedding is often seen as quite a formal affair.  Everyone is supposed to dress up smartly in their best clothes and put forward a very good representation of themselves whilst they sit quietly and witness your union before eating one of the most formal meals they have ever attempted.  There is of course the traditional end of evening letting down of the hair, which can lead to some less than formal results, and of course this is only the template of a largely stereotypical wedding; but if any of this ring true of your wedding plans then you might want to ask yourself if you should make the day more ‘fun’.

What kind of ‘fun’?


Wedding event companies usually offer a wide range of options for you to choose from when it comes to entertainment.  Some of the more standard ideas include singers and bands, but this is more light entertainment than fun, so what about magicians or even a hypnotist to spice up your evenings entertainment?  These ideas are arguably more of a gimmick, and whilst still fun they pale in comparison to some of the other things you can hire.  Weddings have been known to play host to Fun Casino Nights, Bucking Broncos, bouncy castles and giant sumo suit wrestling to name but a few; this is the kind of lunacy and fun that can be had, but the question remains:  Should you make it more fun, just because you can?

Fun for whom?

The slightly outlandish ideas mentioned above might make an event more fun, but who is actually going to be having this fun?  If you are the bride then it is unlikely that you are dressed very practically and whilst you may have a change of clothes on hand, the vast majority of your female guests aren’t likely to be as fortunate.  You should also consider the effect that alcohol will have on people’s ability to use these more active entertainments, let alone if the venue will permit it.  If you are going to have some kind of extra entertainment at your wedding then making it as inclusive as possible is definitely an important consideration.

To be or not to be… entertained

At the end of the day your wedding is about you and your partner.  How you celebrate your love is entirely your decision and your guests should respect whatever form that takes.  However, as far as fun extra activities go, forewarning your guests is highly advisable so that they know what to expect, but so is choosing an activity that isn’t compulsory or will isolate swathes of people.  Everyone acts in their own ways at weddings, but making sure that any entertainment on offer can be undertaken my just about anyone if they so choose can really make the difference.  Seeing your guests having fun and loving the day as much as you do will provide you with one of the best wedding presents of all – fantastic memories.

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