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Living room decor ideas: What Furniture, Flooring, Window Coverings and Ornaments Look Stylish

Living Room Décor Ideas: What Furniture, Flooring, Window Coverings, and Ornaments Look Stylish? Click Here To Inspire Your Space

If your living room is feeling a little drab and very much due an upgrade, then this article will almost certainly fill you with some inspiration. Whether you are looking to get the room entirely and start from scratch, or perhaps switch up the colour scheme and swap out some old furniture pieces, you’ll find plenty of hot, trending tips right here. Stick your nose in and see if you can’t find a style that resonates with your plans for 2022 and beyond! 

living room decor ideas

Our Stylish Living room decor ideas

Variety is the spice of life and the fact that there are so many different living room décor trends that are hot right now stands testament to that. We’ve taken the liberty of selecting our favourites to share with you! Read on and see what you think…

Go minimalist

Are you stressed? Is your life feeling cluttered? Do you feel like your home has far too much unnecessary…stuff? Then strip it all down. Go minimalist!

Minimalism is the art and practice of reducing the clutter in your home. It’s built on the ethos that less is more. We’re talking natural colours like whites and greys. Clean shapes and smooth surfaces. A space that is reduced to its core function. 

Embrace nature: bring the outdoors in

What’s trending right now is an increase in the usage of natural materials. Do your part for the environment and buy upcycled furniture! Think about earthy textures with organic shapes. Raw materials and greenery play a big part in this décor. 

If you can find a coffee table made from reclaimed wood – all the better! 

Consider modern rustic 

Modern living room

In our modern digitally dominated lifestyles, we are craving a certain level of tactility in our homes. The modern rustic décor accommodates this desire by utilising texture – particularly underfoot. 

Look for furniture and decorative items with a certain heritage and craftsmanship about them and invest in high-quality tiled and patterned flooring solutions.  

You want to incorporate features that can blur the lines between rural and urban space, bringing a homely rustic warmth to your environment. 

Be bold with fiery red 

If you are feeling particularly wild and adventurous and the thought of remaining calm and sticking to natural colours and textiles, then throw it all out and go bold with some fiery red colours. 

Colour confidence is something that is really picking up pace and gaining popularity with the modern homeowner and with good reason; it demonstrates a non-conformist audacity. 

Why not experiment with shades of red, from bright lipstick all the way to sunburnt orange? You can even mix it up with rustic colours and barren hues for greater contrast. 

Potted forest 

The colour green is very much on trend this year and what better way to incorporate that into your décor than by smothering it with potted plant life? 

Purify your environment by adding plenty of green! The incredible mental and physical health benefits may surprise you and the end results will be a rich and revitalising home environment coupled with a free and unfettered mind. 

Try mixing and matching with hanging planters, crawling ivy, potted plants, and plenty of white and pink for contrast. 

If you don’t fancy having to take care of dozens of plants in your home then fear not, you can easily get your hands on loads of different fake plants for a fair and affordable price. It’s not quite the same, but you’ll save yourself a fair amount of time on maintenance. 

Stylish furniture ideas for your living room

The way you furnish your living room will dictate how you use it. Do you want a minimalist living room that offers comfort – but not so much that you never want to get up from the sofa and do something productive? 

Or would you like to favour practicality and storage solutions over lounging? 

There are many different approaches you can take to furnishing your living room and it all comes down to you, your taste, and your lifestyle. 

We personally love natural elements, such as salvaged woods and log coffee tables. 

The L-Shape sofa is also a stylish and luxurious furniture choice that will likely always remain on-trend. 

Granite and marble coffee tables are also all the rage and well worth a look!  

Stylish flooring ideas for your living room

The flooring of any room is arguably one of the most important aspects. Some of the most stylish options you can go for right now are bamboo, cork solid hardwood, and anything else that provides some comfort underfoot while also adding to the overall aesthetic charm of your space. 

You can even throw a swanky rug down for good measure! 

Stylish window covering ideas for your living room

As for window coverings, throw out your old, musty curtains and awkward blinds and trade them for some plantation shutters. Plantation shutters are certainly stylish with a timeless appeal that has kept them very much at the forefront of window coverings for centuries! 

Not only that, but plantation shutters provide a wealth of other amazing benefits as well, such as better light control and privacy, additional security, and excellent ventilation. If you’d like to better moderate the temperature in your living room while adding to the aesthetic charm, you can’t go wrong with this traditional window covering. 

Stylish ornament ideas for your living room

When decorating your living room, think carefully about the overall style that you wish to go for. For some inspiration based on the recommended décor’ listed above, here are a few items we love:

  • Expose/shadeless lamps for the minimalist décor
  • Salvage wood picture frames for the nature-inspired décor
  • Rectangular/full-length standing mirrors for a modern rustic décor
  • Red and black contrasting ornaments (e.g., yin yang elephants) for the fiery red décor
  • Candle-filled bell jars wrapped in rope for the potted forest décor 

Get creative and use a variety of different elements when decorating your living room. You can also never go wrong with a stocked bookshelf! It’s all about showing off your personality and decorating your space as you see fit!

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